1.1 It is a mountain Bike stage race that takes place in the region of Murcia. One of our goals is to get people know and enjoy our natural environment, historical places and beautiful landscapes. 2Reinos MTB Race is registered in the official calendar of the Federation of Cycling of the Region of Murcia as a sporting marathon bike event which will be held according to the UCI Cycling Sport Regulations, to the Technical Regulations of the RFEC and regulatory standards that are applicable. The race comprises one time trial stage and two marathon stages XCM.

1.2 2Kingdoms MTB Race takes place on October 4th, 5th and 6th, 2019. The race route snakes through paths, tracks, single tracks and roads of the Region of Murcia.

1.3 2Reinos MTB Race is organized by the cycling club MURCIA CHALLENGE in collaboration with the Cycling Federation of the Region of Murcia and the City Council of Murcia.


2.1 Participation may be individual and by teams.

2.2 Participation in 2Reinos MTB Race, is open to athletes of any nationality as long as they meet the necessary requirements according to the regulations of the REAL SPANISH FEDERATION OF CYCLING (RFEC).  Foreign participants who possess a bicycle license not processed by the RFEC must have a written authorization from their national federation, certifying that this insurance is valid in Spain. This document must be handed to the organization prior to the withdrawal of the bib number.

2.3 Anyone with any nationality who is at least 18 years of age the day before the race is admitted to the competition.

2.4 Participation is limited to the number of participants allowed by competent authorities.

2.5 Each participant participates at his/her own risk and is supposed to have the minimum physical condition so to not jeopardize his/her own health. By applying the race, participants declare that they know the harsh race conditions that this race implies, which includes demanding climbs and technical descents. It is up to the participant to get off the bike and walk through these sections. The organization will not be responsible for the accidents due to the skills or lack of skill of the participant.

It is advisable to undergo an appropriate medical checkup before the race.

2.6 The organization may oblige any participant to retire from the race if it´s considered that the racer does not have the adequate physical conditions or if he/she does not reach the passing times through the check-points. If so, the organization will provide any transport means to take the racer to the starting point.

2.7 In the event that the participant decided to continue in the sports event, ignoring the indications of the organization, it will be under his/her own responsibility and out of race and of the different services offered by the organization.

2.8 Upon registration, the participants exempt the organization and the promoting party (MURCIA CHALLENGE sports club) of the physical or moral damages that they may suffer in the course of it or as a consequence of it.

2.9 The race does not have exclusive use of any public or private roads during the race. All regular traffic regulations must be observed at all times during the race. Indications given by authorized staff along the way must be followed. The route is open to the passage of people, animals and vehicles, so participants must keep aware to prevent damage to themselves, to the rest of the participants and/or to third parties. Participants will be the solely responsible for any imprudence. Promoters and organization will be exonerated of the expenses and damages derived form any economic, civic or criminal acts committed by any participant.

2.10 The Organizing Team has all image rights for the images of the event. By registering, every racer automatically authorizes the Organizing Team to use their name and image within this event for legitimate advertising purposes in all their media.

2.11. Every racer is supposed to have read and understood the Official Regulation of the race and to respect it. Lack of awareness doesn´t exempt participants from complying with the rules. Prior to the withdrawal of the bib number, a signed disclaimer clause must be handed to the organization.


Three modalities.

  • RACER- 3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • WEEKEND-2 days: Saturday and Sunday
  • EXPERIENCE- 1 day: Saturday OR Sunday.


3.1. RACER

In the RACERFINISHER mode racers will have to perform all three stages: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, participating by categories according to age, in individuals or in teams categories.


  • ELITE: For participants with an Elite license, regardless of age. Elite racers will take part only in the Elite classification.
  • SENIOR.  (those born within 01/01/90 and  03/10/2001)
  • MASTER 30  (born within 01/01/1980 and 31/12/1989)
  • MASTER 40.  (born within 01/01/1970 and 31/12/1979)
  • MASTER 50.  (born within 01/01/1960 and 31/12/1969)
  • MASTER 60.  (born before 31/12/1959)
  • FEMININE, MASCULINE AND MIXED COUPLES. This category has got a specific classification. Participants in this category won´t take part in any individual classification. They will take part only in Couples Classification, feminine couples, masculine couples and mixed couples. Couples must ride always together within a difference of maximum two minutes time between each other. In case one of the members could not continue in the race, the couple would be disqualified. In case any of the members continue their participation in the race, this participant won´t enter any individual classification. They will only get their final time.
  • FIRE FORCES: ARMED FORCE, FORCES AND SECURITY CORPS, FIREMEN. There is one classification for this category regardless age. Participants in this category will also take part in the individual classification according to their age.
  • ELECTRIC BIKES (non-competitive).Participants in electric bikes will obtain their times but won´t have access to trophies nor prizes. TEAMS Individual participants can take part in the race as teams also ( except those participating as couples). Team members can be men and women. The final time will be calculated by adding the best four times of the team members on each stage. The addition of the times of every stage will determine the final team classification.  Every team member will also participate in the general classification according to his category.

  • CYCLING CLUBS: Only clubs with a federation license, though team members don´t have to have necessarily a cycling license.
  • CORPORATE CATEGORY: Private corporations and Sports Centers whose member don´t have to have necessarily a cycling license.

Team members will register as individuals and then must click on the “EQUIPO” box and choose the team modality as well as indicate the name of the Club, Corporation or Sport Center.

Official Gobik 2 Reinos jersey is included for participants within the first 250 registrations.

3.2 WEEKEND (2 stages) 

In the WEEKEND option participants will carry out the two weekend stages, Saturday and Sunday. They will take part in the stage absolute classification and also in the specific Weekend masculine and feminine classification.

Official Gobik 2 Reinos jersey is also included for participants within the first 250 registrations.


In the EXPERIENCE modality participants will choose only one of the two weekend stages, Saturday or Sunday and they will only take part in the stage absolute classification.

Participants in this modality won´t obtain the official Gobik 2 Reinos jersey to those registered within the first 250. They are able to purchase one at the time of the registration for 25€.  



4.1 Registration period will be opened till 25/09/2019. Prices depend on the modality:


RACER MODALITY.: 3 DAYS (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Including Official Gobik 2 Reinos jersey for participants within the first 250 registrations.














WEEKEND MODALITY: 2 STAGES. (Saturday and Sunday)

Including Official Gobik 2 Reinos jersey for participants within the first 250 registrations















EXPERIENCE MODALITY: 1 STAGE, ( Saturday or Sunday)

Official Gobik 2 Reinos jersey NOT INCLUDED. Optional purchase at the moment of registration for extra 25€.














The allocation of places will prioritise RACER modality, so the places for WEEKEND and EXPERIENCE modalities will be subject to the number of places in RACER modality.

The different price ranges will be overpassed once the number of places are completed or otherwise according to deadlines.



• Refund of 75% of the registration price to any participant who requests it in writing to the organization before June the 30th, 2019.

• 50% refund to all those who request it in writing to the organization, between the 1stof July, 2019 to 31st of August, 2019, both inclusive.

There are no refunds for applications requested after the 2nd of August 1, 2018.

Participants are able to transfer their registration names, only up to September the 26th, 2019.



5.1 Out of the deadlines set in point 4.2, registration is personal and non-transferable and supposes the acceptance of all the articles of the present regulation, as well as of the purchasing conditions. Registration and purchase have to be accomplished through the official 2reinos website or the for that purpose assigned company.

5.2 It will be done through the Internet, at www.2reinosmtbrace.com, or through official stores, so participants have to fill in all the information requested and pay the  correspondent fees.

5.3 In case of withdrawal or disqualification in any of the stages, there won´t be neither total, nor partial refund.

5.4 If one of the stages is not completed, participants can continue further stages but they can´t be eligible for finisher awards. 

5.5 Registration fee includes;

  • Participation in the 2Reinos MTB Race sports event.
  • Official high-end Gobik 2 Reinos maillot for RACER AND WEEKEND modalities for the first 250 registered. For all further registrations and EXPERIENCE modality it shall be optional, at a promotional cost of 25 € to pay the enrollment. Also it may be purchased the day of the race at the price of 38 €.
  • Gifts from different sponsors.
  • Timing, bib number and time control chip.
  • Participant´s dossier.
  • Foodstuff and water provisioning during the race and access to the recovery area (postmeta).
  • Showers and dressing rooms at the end of the race.
  • Bike wash self-service.
  • Bicycle Parking (Guard) only while racing time.
  • Medical assistance service.
  • Minor mechanical assistance service at intermediate points of the track.
  • Food service at the end of the 2nd and 3rd stages
  • Participation in the different raffles held by the organization through its website, social networks and partners.


For a better attention and a better coverage of participants needs, the organization offers a series of services at a very advantageous  and economical cost that can be chosen in the registration.

  • MECHANICAL PACK Consists of cleaning, lubrication and fine tuning just after finishing the test, 40 euros (two stages, Friday and Saturday). Replacements and spare parts are not included.
  • PACK PHYSIOTHERAPY For those who need a more personalized attention and further recovery assistance for the next stage, participants can contract 2 sessions with exclusive physiotherapist for additional 40€.
  • PACK MEALS. The organization will have a ticket for the companions, which shall be acquired with the registration of the biker. It includes Saturday and Sunday meals for a price of 15€ for both days if purchased with the registration. The ticket can also be purchased after the registration, within the race days at a cost of 20€.



6.1 An official presentation of the features of the race and different stages will be held before the start of the race. Assistance to this briefing is not mandatory but we firmly recommend participants to take part on it and to get all the information they need to perform at their bests. Any modification in routes or relevant aspects of the race will be displayed on the bulletin board at the participant's office. 

6.2 Check-in and picking up the WELCOME PACKS will take place on Friday morning  from 11:00 h. to 13:00 and in the afternoon until one hour before departure. Participants in WEEKEND and EXPERIENCE modalities will be able to collect their numbers up to one hour before de race. 



7.1 The organization has a Civil Liability insurance policy according to the current legislation.

7.2 In case of accident, participants are covered by accident insurance thanks to their own license if they are associated or by a one/two-day insurance arranged for the race.

7.3 Every participant must be in possession of a license of the federation of cycling (RFEC) and if not, they shall hire the accident insurance at a cost of 10€ for EXPERIENCE modality, 20€ for WEEKEND and 30€ for  RACER. Civil responsibility and coverage for accidents are covered by the Cycling Federation of the Region of Murcia.

Every participant is admonished to know and scrupulously follow the protocol of action and notification of accidents that will be communicated to them by the organization via e-mail and on the website. The organization won´t be responsible for the expenses originated by medical actions out of those described in the protocol of action.



8.1 Municipal Security Corps will be responsible for security on public roads and traffic control.

8.2 The only vehicles authorized to follow the race will be those designated by the organization and  will be duly accredited.

8.3 The organization will control the provisioning areas as well as the access people to the recovery zone.

8.4 During the tour there will be enough technical and medical assistance, qualified and in accordance with the current regulations and the number of participants.

8.5 Medical services of the organization as well as technical officers will be authorized to withdraw any participant for medical reasons.



9.1 The Race will consist of three, two or one stage depending on the modality:

  • OCTOBER the 4TH, 2019: First Stage
  • OCTOBER the 5TH, 2019: Second Stage
  • OCTOBER the 6TH, 2019: Third Stage

9.2 The organization is responsible for the signaling and control of the routes.

9.3 The route will be duly marked with ribbons and arrows in addition to the personal support of volunteers. In places where no marks or signals are found, participants shall follow along the widest path. The organization will provide the track of the route in gpx and kml format, only few days before the race.

Due to cases of sabotage in this kind of races the official route will be the track provided by the organization therefor it´s highly advisable for all participants to have a route tracking device such as GPS. 

9.4 The organization reserves the right to change published routes, which may be altered, reduced or eliminated, as well as schedules and dates of completion if, due to weather conditions or other circumstances, it could not be carried out as planned. The changes would be announced in advanced as soon as possible and always having been previously agreed with the organizer and the technical committee of the test.



10.1 The starts may be neutralized for security reasons. In this case  a vehicle of the organization will lead the race until a set point.

10.2 Arrivals may also be neutralized for security reasons, if so, the time control point will be set at any point ahead the finish line considered appropriate by the organization, considering this point as end of career. The distance from there to the finish line will be mandatory and will have to be covered in a maximum time stipulated by the organization otherwise the racer will be disqualified.



11.1 The technical director of the race will be responsible for any technical issues and will be assisted by technical officers who will carry out number controls during the tour.

11.2 The race will be subject to the regulations of the Spanish Cycling Federation.

11.3 Partial timing controls will be placed in different points of the race.

11.4 The organization will establish a maximum time for the participants to pass through each step control that will be communicated previously and on the official website. Knowledge of this condition is mandatory for each participant. Authorized technicians will be in charge of controlling times.

11.5 In the finish line area information times and classifications will be placed on information panels.

11.6 Each stage day, a route plan will be displayed with track details, altimetry, provisioning places, check points and all the information considered useful for participants. Full tracks of the race routes will be provided before the race.  



12.1 All participants must wear the bib number and  plate  provided by the organization. The plate must be placed on the front of the bicycle and the number on the participant's back, both perfectly visible.

12.2 Likewise, the organization will provide a chip for time control which must always be placed where indicated by the organization.

12.3 The Organization will establish an area in the finish area where racers can return the chip after his participation. Loss or non-return of the chip will have a cost of 10€ for the participant.

12.4 The use of the rigid and approved helmet, which will be required, is mandatory and must be always fastened while the athlete is in contact with the bicycle.

12.5 For those participants who wear warm clothes in any of the stages, the organization does not foresee its collection nor supply the participant with this material.

12.6 It is necessary to carry a BASIC TOOL KIT for any setback that may arise during the race.

12.7 A perfectly functioning and full battery charged MOBILE TELEPHONE  Participants must know the organization emergency number and provide the organization with an active mobile number that allow communication between them and the organization during the race.

12.8 Water and food.

12.9 GPS devices are not obligatory but are highly advisable in case of unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the test, and in case of the always undesirable fact of the elimination or modification of beacons and marks that unfortunately occur in many races for causes not attributable to the organization. The organization will facilitate the tracks of each stage to guarantee the follow-up of the correct route. For participants that are not in possession of a tracking device it will be  understood that they know in advance the route, notwithstanding that it will be properly marked.



13.1 Participants will commit themselves to respect the rules of the competition, the regulation of the Spanish Cycling Federation, as well as to know the route of each segment. The organization will provide the necessary information to make it so.

13.2 Assistance and technical assistance from another participant or duly authorized personnel during the race is permitted. Participants cannot be accompanied by anyone not taking part in the competition. Any assistance from anyone out of the competition may lead to disqualification. Only duly authorized vehicles are allowed to follow the race.

13.3 In the starting area there will be a zone of control of material and signatures of obligatory compliance. Participants must show their licenses and/or their DNIs (identity document with photo to check the identity of the participant), as well as the numbers provided by the organization, without bend or manipulate.

13.4 For further removal of the material, it will also be necessary to present a license or DNI, which accredits and identifies the owner of the material.

13.5 Recovery zones with water, soft drinks and fruit will be available during and at the end of the race in the postmeta zone for all participants, where an area for massages  will be enabled.

13.6 An identification bracelet will be given to participants to facilitate the access to the different services offered by the organization. This bracelet or sign should be shown in if requested by the volunteer staff and the organization, during the three days of this sport event.



14.1 It is not mandatory but it is advisable to attend the briefing on Friday the 4th of October (a dossier will be sent the same week of the race, indicating the exact place).

14.2 The starts of each of the stages are carried out in a squad, except for the time trial mode. The time trial stage will start following technical criteria determined by the Technical Commitee

14.3 Signature control will take place from 1 hour to 20 minutes before departure

14.4 The starting grid opens 30 minutes before the start, with different starting grills based on the general classification.

14.5 The starting order of the second stage will be established in three boxes according to general classification,  so that the first box will include the top 10 men and the first 10 female of the elite or absolute category and the first three of the category Individual Fire Force. A second box will include the first three couples and first classified in each modality category. The rest of participants of the general classification make up the third starting box.

14.6 Access to the starting grid will be permitted up to five minutes before the starting time. Participants arriving after this time will be included in the last box.

14.7 Should for security reasons the starts be neutralized, participants will follow the safety vehicle and the technical director to the starting point.

14.8 Couples must complete the entire course together, the distance between both participants shall not exceed 2 minutes time during the race.

14.9 Passing through the official checkpoints is mandatory.

14.10 An intermediate control closing point is set. Participants must pass through this checkpoint within the closing time that will be previously stablished by the technical organization. Racers failing to do so, will be equivalent to a "partial withdrawal" racer.

14.11 Should it be the case of a fire pre-emergency situation, the organization will be obliged to cancel the start and there will be no option for refunds as the reasons are beyond their control.  


15.1 By registering participants accept each of the articles of this regulation.

15.2 They commit themselves not to anticipate the starting time and complete the designated route and distance of all stages without taking any shortcuts.

15.3 Participants must be respectful with the personnel involved in the organization, as well as with the rest of participants and spectators.

15.4 In order to contribute to a minimum environmental impact, participants shall refrain from throwing any food or other food packaging on the ground during the course as well as from harming or damaging the flora and fauna of the Regional Park. Failing to follow this may lead to a disqualification.

15.5 Failure to comply with any of these civic rules may lead to warnings and/or disqualification by the members of the Organization.



According to the regulations of the Spanish Cycling Federation, any participant or technician of any of the registered clubs may protest about the provisional  results  or sanctions applied by the organizers. The race is subject to the Spanish Cycling Federation rules. 

Claims will be presented in writing to the Organizing Committee at the Participant´s Office and shall be resolved in accordance with the rules of the sports event.

The organization declines any liability for damages that racers may cause to themselves or to any participant.



Participants failing to comply with the following rules may be proposed to be disqualified.

- Not wearing an officially approved helmet, or wearing it not secured.

- Not wearing the bib number and/or enter the finish area without it.

- Participating with a bib number awarded to another runner

- Change the predetermined route.

- Manifest unsportsmanlike behavior and contrary to this regulation.

- Throwing or leaving waste/food/drink/bottles along the route.

All racers are expected to show good sportsmanship and must not use offensive or abusive language during the race, act in an unsporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials or ignore the race regulations.



Withdrawal must be immediately communicated to the organization on the provided emergency telephone number. The organization may claim the expenses of search or rescue caused by not informing on time.

Enrolling 2Kingdoms MTB Race implies acceptance and compliance with this regulation.

It also implies the acceptance of the DATA PROTECTION ACT and the cancellation policy.