1.1It is organized in its 7th edition by the MURCIA CHALLENGE club in collaboration with the Cycling Federation of the Region of Murcia and the Murcia City Council.

1.2It is a mountain bike sporting event in stages, whose routes pass through the province of Murcia, one of its main objectives being to enjoy and learn about the natural and historical areas of the Region of Murcia, through the world of mountain biking. 2Reinos MTB Race is registered in the official calendar of the Cycling Federation of the Region of Murcia as a bike marathon sporting event which will be held in accordance with the UCI Cycling Sport Regulations, the RFEC Technical regulations and regulatory standards that are applicable, consisting of three stages.

1.3 2 Reinos MTB Race takes place on September 30 and October 1, 2, 2022, with a tour of trails, tracks, roads and roads in the Region of Murcia.



2.1Participation may be individual and by teams.

2.2Participation in 2 Reinos MTB Race is open to all those who wish, whether they are federated or not, as long as they are correctly registered and comply with the regulations. Athletes of any nationality may participate as long as they meet the necessary requirements according to the regulations of the ROYAL SPANISH CYCLING FEDERATION (RFEC). Foreign participants holding a cycling license not processed by the RFEC must have a written authorization from their national federation, which certifies that their insurance is valid in Spain. This document must be presented to the organization in order to collect the bib number.

2.3To be able to participate, it is necessary to have reached the age of 18 years the day before the race.

2.4Participation is limited to the number of participants allowed by the competent bodies.

2.5Each participant does so under their own responsibility and it is assumed that they have the minimum physical condition that is essential so as not to put their health at risk, having due knowledge of both the physical and technical conditions of the race.

It is recommended that all participants take the appropriate medical examinations for this type of sporting activity before the event.

The route has demanding ascents and technical descents, being at the discretion of the participant to pass these sections off the bicycle, the organization of accidents caused by the skill of the participant not being responsible.

2.6The organization may oblige any participant who considers that they do not have the appropriate physical conditions as well as that participant who does not comply with the times of passage through the control points to withdraw from the race, arranging the organization of the necessary means from the points of control to transfer the participant to the arrival area.

2.7In the event that the participant decides to continue in the sports event ignoring the indications of the organization, it will be under his / her own responsibility being out of the race and of the different services offered by the organization for participating.

2.8By registering, the participant exempts the organization and the promoting party (MURCIA CHALLENGE sports club) from any physical or moral damages that they may suffer during the same or as a consequence of it.

2.9The route is open to the passage of people, animals and vehicles, the participant having no preference, so he must exercise extreme caution when driving through the passage of other users, respect the rules of the natural spaces through which he passes and of circulation to avoid damage to his person or to the rest of the participants or to third parties, the participant being solely responsible for the damages he / she carries out, exonerating the promoter and organization from the expenses, damages and losses derived from these economic, civil and criminal acts.

2.10 By the fact that all participants in this race participate, they give permission to the organizers for the advertising use of their person, in images obtained in this sporting event, for legitimate purposes, authorizing the organizers to record the race and use their image in all its media whether they are videos, photos, posters, press, etc. .. and it cedes its exploitation to the rights related to 2 REINOS MTB RACE to the Organizers of the Event.

2.11All participants, by registering and starting, accept these race regulations.



For environmental reasons and the number of participants, the Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and Experience (one day) modalities are eliminated.

Any participant may choose to run only the stages that they consider appropriate, disputing the three stages, two stages or only one stage, opting for the general classification of each stage in which they participate.

To opt for the general classification, you will have to finish all three stages.


It includes the three stages (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) participating by age categories, having the possibility of participating in teams. Times will be recognized by chip timing.


•               ELITE à(Any participant may appear in it, regardless of age, the fact of appearing in Elite will uncheck him from any other individual classification,)

•               SENIOR. to(born between 01/01/93 to 10/3/2004)

•               MASTER 30 à(born between 01/01/1983 to 12/31/1992)

•               MASTER 40. à(born between 01/01/1973 to 12/31/1982)

•               MASTER 50. à(born between 01/01/1963 to 12/31/1972)

•               MASTER 60. à(born until 12/31/1962)

•               BY MALE, FEMALE AND MIXED COUPLES (absolute classification) without distinction of age. Participants in it will not count in the individual mode. There will be a specific classification for each of the couples modalities, which will always have to ride together with a difference of less than 2 minutes. In the event that one of the members could not continue in the race, the couple would be disqualified and the partner could continue in the race without having the option of the absolute final classification of their modality or individual, only their final time will be counted.

All team members must register individually, indicating in the box "team name" exactly the same name (the same spaces, capital letters, hyphens, periods ...)

•               FIRE FORCE: ARMED FORCE, FORCES AND SECURITY FORCES, FIREFIGHTERS. Without distinction of age, there will only be one classification for this modality, both male and female. If they participate in the individual classification according to their age.

•               ELECTRIC BIKES (e-bike).They will only compete in Racer mode (3 days). There will be a single category that will include all participants with electric bikes who will qualify for the stage classification and the general classification, both exclusively for e-bike. The allowed E-bike bicycles may not exceed a maximum of 250 watts of motor power according to EPAC regulation for bicycles (EN-15194). E-bikes allowed may not exceed the speed limit of 25km / h. E-bikes have to undergo the inspection and sealing of the battery at the beginning of each stage. E-bike bicycles have to pass the seal check at the end of the stage. The Organization will establish a specific schedule for the e-bike category. The route may suffer some alteration for the e-bike category,

o               The batteries cannot be recharged during the stages.

o               The batteries cannot be replaced during the stages.

o               E-bikes may not be replaced during the stages by another E-bike or by another standard bicycle. BY TEAMS. Each team will be made up of 4 participants (federated or not), they can be both male and female. They will not have to ride together. The final time will be computed with the sum of the 4 times of the team members in each stage. The sum of the times of each stage will give the final classification by Teams. All team participants will also count in the individual classification according to their category.

•               CYCLING CLUBS. They will have to be Federated Clubs. Although its members do not have to be federated

•               CORPORATE CATEGORY Private Corporations of any kind and Sports Centers. Its members do not have to be federated.

In the team modality, you can only compete in one of the two modalities.

Entries will always be made individually, by checking the TEAM box, choosing the modality, and putting the exact name of the Club, Company or Association.



4.1The registration period will be open until the date set by the Organization, the prices being established according to the chosen modality and dates:

•               RACER MODE (3 STAGES). Friday Saturday and Sunday.



 APERTURA           € 125     50            Up to 50 places

 PROMOCION     € 170     100         Up to 150 places

 ESTANDAR           € 215     REST       Registration closes




There is the possibility of making a change of ownership of the bib up to 15 days before the race. It is the responsibility of the participant to communicate the data of the transfer, without any right to any type of refund by the organization, having to comply with the deadlines required in point 4.2.3. After this period, the registration will be considered final and cannot be transferred.

For legal and security reasons, the number may not be transferred to another participant without knowledge of the organization and without compliance by it. If the organization becomes aware of this circumstance, it will proceed to disable the number subject to unauthorized assignment, so it will not be able to participate in the race.


You can request a refund of the registration fee in the event of an injury accredited with a medical certificate from the runner with the corresponding diagnosis.

The deadline to apply and provide all the documentation is September 15, 2022, it being understood that after this date there will be no possible return.

Once the refund is authorized, 70% of the registration will be returned, respecting the most advantageous option for the participant in the event that there is refund insurance.

The refund will be made by the same means of payment with which the registration was made, as soon as the medical documentation presented is verified.



All participants can contract at the time of registration a REFUND INSURANCE that guarantees the return of 100% of the registration until September 15, 2022 and 70% of the registration from September 16, 2022 until September 25, 2022, from this date there will no longer be the right to any refund, except for the causes described below.

If the race could not be carried out for reasons of force majeure, outside the organization, and after the previous deadlines, with this insurance the return of 85% of the registration is guaranteed to all participants who had not previously used it or carry over the complete inscription to the next edition.

The cost of this insurance will be € 30 for the Racer modality, and it will be carried out solely and exclusively at the time of registration.


Participants who have not contracted reimbursement insurance, if the race is suspended due to force majeure, outside the organization, may choose to return 50% of the registration or save the complete registration for the next edition.

In case of cancellation or suspension of the race once it has started, for security reasons beyond the control of the organization, no type of reimbursement is contemplated, whether or not reimbursement insurance has been contracted.

Participants who do not subscribe to the reimbursement insurance will have the following return periods.

•               70% refund of registration to all those who request it in writing to the organization until July 31, 2022

•               50% refund to all those who request it in writing to the organization, between August 1, 2022 to September 10, 2022, both inclusive.

There are no refunds for applications sent after September 11, 2022

The refund will be made by the same means of payment with which the insurance was made.

All participants who take advantage of this return policy will lose all registration rights.



5.1Registration will be done through the web www.2reinosmtbrace.com, or through the collaborating stores, these being the only official means of the race, having to fill in all the data that is requested, as well as making the payment of the registration so that the registration is considered completed. The registration will be validated by the company in charge of validating the registration.

Registration is personal and implies acceptance of all the articles of this regulation, as well as the conditions of purchase, having to register through the official means of the event. Registrations are considered final, so in the event of not being able to participate, the registration will not be returned outside the deadlines set in point 4.2, and the only option may be to transfer it to another participant up to 15 days before the race. It is the responsibility of the participant to communicate the data of the transfer, without any right to any type of refund by the organization. After this period, the registration will be considered final and cannot be transferred.

For legal and security reasons, the number may not be transferred to another participant without knowledge of the organization and without compliance by it. If the organization becomes aware of this circumstance, it will proceed to disable the number subject to unauthorized assignment, so it will not be able to participate in the race.

In case of abandonment or disqualification in any of the stages, neither the total nor the remaining proportional part of the registration will be paid.

If any of the stages are not finished, you can continue on to the next stage. Not being eligible for the Finisher prizes.


Depending on the chosen modality, you will have the right to the services offered for each day of participation. Those services that are not linked to a specific day will be applicable to all participants, unless otherwise specified.

•               Participate in the 2 Reinos MTB Race sports event.

•               Official 2 REINOS Jersey

•               Gifts from the different sponsors.

•               Timing, number and time chip control.

•               Participant's dossier.

•               Refreshments during the race and entry to the recovery area (post-goal).

•               Showers and changing rooms at the end of the race.

•               Bicycle car wash service.

•               Bicycle parking in the finish area (Only open during the race).

•               Medical assistance service.

•               Mechanical assistance service (mild) at intermediate points of the race.

•               Food service at the end of the 2nd and 3rd stage.

•               To be able to opt for the different raffles carried out by the organization through its website, social networks and the different partners.


For better care and that the participant can meet the needs of a large event, the organization offers a series of services at a very advantageous economic cost that you can do when you register.

•               MECHANICAL PACKIt consists of cleaning, greasing and tuning as soon as the stage is finished, 80 euros (two stages, Friday and Saturday), the cost of parts and spare parts would be apart from the mechanical pack.

•               PHYSIOTHERAPY PACKFor those who need more personalized attention and be able to recover for the next stage, you can have an exclusive physiotherapist. 2 sessions (€ 80).

•               MEAL PACK. (This will be free for participants) The organization will have a ticket for the companions, which must be purchased at the time of registration, for the food services for a value of 12 euros for each contracted day. The ticket can be purchased on the day of the test if it is not done at the time of formalizing the registration for a value of 15 euros.

•               MERCHANDISINGDifferent types of garments from the 2 Reinos collection, such as vests, shorts, sleeves, caps, etc.




6.1An informative meeting will be held in person or online before starting the sports event where the stages and those relevant aspects of being known by the participants will be reviewed, attendance is recommended but will not be mandatory. The ignorance of the aspects dealt with in it, as well as the modifications that can be communicated, or special characteristics that are given, will not serve to present claims or objections to the development of the race. Any modification in routes or relevant aspects of the race will be posted on the notice board at the participant's office.

6.2The administrative verifications and collection of WELCOME PACK will take place on Friday at a time that the Organization will facilitate.



7.1The organization will have a Civil Liability insurance policy according to current legislation.

7.2In the event of an accident, participants are covered by accident insurance thanks to their license if they are federated as well as the insurance for each day of the race in which they are registered and that they acquire when formalizing the registration in case of not being federated.

7.3All participants to take part in the race must be in possession of a federative cycling license (RFEC) and if not, have contracted the accident insurance that the organization makes available for a cost of 30 euros for the RACER modality, civil liability and accident insurance being covered by the Cycling Federation of the Region of Murcia.

All participants will have to know and scrupulously follow the protocols for action and accident notification that will be communicated to them by the organization either by email or by announcement on the website. The expenses arising from medical actions outside of those described in the action protocols are not the responsibility of the organization.



8.1Safety on public roads and traffic control will be the responsibility of the security forces of the municipality or Civil Guard where the race takes place.

8.2The only vehicles authorized to follow the race will be those designated by the organization and the technical delegate of the race who will be duly accredited.

8.3The organization will control the refreshment areas as well as the access of all people to the recovery area.

8.4During the tour there will be sufficient technical and medical assistance, qualified and in accordance with current regulations and the number of participants.

8.5The organization's medical services as well as technical officials will be authorized to withdraw any participant for medical reasons.



The race will have a time limit of 5 hours 30 minutes, and a time cut in the half marathon of 2 hours 45 minutes.
Athletes who do not meet the deadline will be disqualified from the competition. All this for the road safety of the runners themselves.
The route will be perfectly signposted and will have staff from the organization to indicate the direction of the race



10.1The exits may be neutralized for safety reasons being led by an organization vehicle, which can never be passed until the official start is given and the sporting event begins.

10.2The finish may also be neutralized for safety reasons, so the timing will end at the point that the organization deems appropriate, considering this point as the end of the race. The distance from there to the finish line will be mandatory if the organization considers it and it will have to be covered in a maximum time stipulated by the organization from the time it passes through the finish, outside of this time it will be out of the race.



11.1Responsibility for the technical control of each of the stages will be in charge of the Technical Director of the event, who will be assisted by technical officials, who take control of the race by means of intermediate step controls and numbers during the route.

11.2The race will be subject to the regulations of the Spanish Cycling Federation.

11.3The partial times located at different points of the race will be taken by chip timing.

11.4The organization will establish a maximum time for the passage of the participants for each control of passage that will be communicated before the beginning of each stage, being obligatory for the participant its knowledge, being controlled by the technical directors authorized to do so.

11.5Information about the different times and classifications will be placed in the finish area.

11.6For each stage and the good knowledge of this, the organization will provide the profile of the race, routes, altimetries, refreshments and all the information that it considers that may be interesting for the participant.



12.1All participants must wear the number and the plate that the organization gives them. The plate must be placed on the front of the bicycle and the number on the back of the participant, both perfectly visible.

12.2Likewise, the organization will deliver a chip for time control which must be placed at all times where indicated by the organization.

12.3The Organization may provide a mandatory GPS tracking element, if it deems it appropriate, which would be provided at the beginning of the event, with a deposit that will be returned at the end of the test when the device is returned.

12.4The use of the rigid and approved helmet is mandatory, which will always be fastened while the athlete is in contact with the bicycle.

12.5For those participants who use warm clothing in any of the stages, the organization does not foresee their collection or supply the participant with this material.

12.6It is advisable to bring a BASIC TOOL KIT for the bicycle.

12.7MOBILE TELEPHONE in operation and with sufficient battery, having previously provided the telephone number to the organization and in turn the organization will provide a telephone in case of emergency.

12.8Bring water and food, being advisable gels and bars.

12. GPS Track tracking devices. The official route of the test will be the one previously provided in gpx and kml format so that the participant always has the route, with them we guarantee that the follow-up of the same is correct.



13.1All participants, by registering, declare that they know and accept these Regulations and the Statement of Disclaimer and Data Protection. In case of doubt, the criteria of the Organization will prevail.

By the mere fact of registering, the participant declares the following:

"I participate in the race completely voluntarily and I consciously assume its hardness, taking into account its distance and technical difficulty, for this I declare that I have sufficient technical knowledge, experience and physical and psychological condition to face the characteristics of the race. .

I declare that I am in optimal health to participate, having the total certainty of being physically and psychologically suitable for it and having passed the pertinent medical controls in a positive way, ruling out any disease, pathology, injury or any other health problem. that I discourage my participation. In the event that at the time of holding the race there has been any change in my state of health, I agree not to participate in it.

During the development of the competition I will contribute as much as possible to the Organization, to avoid personal accidents and I will maintain an appropriate behavior, not endangering my health, or that of other people. I agree to comply with the regulations set forth in the REGULATIONS, security protocols and indications established by the Organization.

Taking into account all of the above, I release the Organization, sponsors and / or other participating institutions from any responsibility for any accident or injury that may be suffered before, during and / or after the sporting event, waiving from now on any legal action against of any of these entities.

I also authorize the Organization to make advertising use of photos, videos and any other type of audiovisual material in which it may appear, accepting the publication of my name in the classification of the race, in the media and / or internet, without expect any payment, compensation or retribution in this regard. "

Notice.-The Organization recommends that all participants undergo a medical examination prior to the race, accepting all participants the risk derived from sports activity.

Participants undertake to respect the rules of the competition, the regulations of the Spanish Cycling Federation.

Recovery areas with water, soft drinks and fruit will be available during and at the end of the race for all participants.

It will be mandatory for each participant to read and accept before registering the race the "EXEMPTION OF RESPONSIBILITIES" listed in Annex 2 of the Regulations.

In order to collect numbers from other participants, it will be essential to present a photocopy of the DNI, together with the federative license if it is owned by the interested party and provide the ID of the person who collects it.

13.2Assistance and technical help may be received from another participant, while the sports event is being held, and may not receive assistance of any kind from personnel outside the event during the cycling route, except for the official mechanics points and the accredited components of the equipment in the places designated for it. Skipping this rule can lead to disqualification.

13.3In the starting area there will be a control area for material and mandatory signatures, the identification provided by the organization or the cyclist's license will be necessary and, failing that, the DNI, (document with a photo to verify the identity of the participant ), as well as the numbers, without bending or manipulating, that the organization provides.

13.4For the subsequent removal of the material, it will also be necessary to present the identification provided by the organization or license or DNI, which accredits and identifies the owner of the material.

13.5 Recovery areas with water, soft drinks and fruit will be available during and at the end of the race in the post-goal area for all participants, where a massage area will be enabled at the end of the race.

13.6Each participant will be given an identification bracelet, personal and non-transferable, to be able to opt for the different services offered by the organization, which must always be worn and displayed if requested by the volunteer staff and the organization, during the three days of the sporting event.



14.1It is not mandatory but it is advisable to have knowledge of the informative talk that will be offered either personally or electronically of the stages that will be given previously.

14.2The starts of each of the stages are carried out in a platoon, taking into account the classifications of the previous stages for the design of the starting boxes. Except for the first stage or if any of the stages had to be carried out in a time trial mode, it would be carried out in order to technical criteria decided by the Technical Committee of the race to make the starting order, therefore it may be requested to all participants in at the time of registration some additional information, to facilitate its development.

14.3The signature control is carried out from 1 hour to 20 minutes before departure, (in the time trial it will be the one assigned to each participant).

14.4The starting grid opens 30 minutes before the start, with different starting grids depending on the general classification of the event.

14.6The starting order from the second stage will be established according to the general classification, so the starting grid is established, in the first drawer the first 10 male and female finishers of the elite or absolute category and the first three of the individual category Fire Force, a second drawer with the first pairs of each modality and the first classified by modality of the rest of the categories, both male and female. The rest of the participants in the general classification make up the third box.

14.7Five minutes before the start time, no participant is allowed on the starting grid, having to be placed in the last starting box.

14.8For safety reasons, the stages could be with neutralized starts, with the safety vehicle and the technical director being the one leading the participants and starting the stage.

14.9Teams in pairs must complete the entire route together, not exceeding the distance between them for more than 2 minutes during the entire journey.

14.10There will be checkpoints through which the participants must pass.

14.11Intermediate control closure points will be established where participants must pass within the maximum time previously established by the technical committee in order not to be considered out of the race.

14.12 The Organization will not be able to start in the event of a pre-emergency fire situation. In that case, that stage would be suspended without the possibility of any claim against the organizer as it is an issue outside their powers.



15.1Participants accept each of the articles of this regulation from the moment they register.

15.2They undertake not to anticipate the start and to cover all the complete sections before crossing the finish line.

15.3They must be respectful with the personnel involved in the organization, with the rest of the participants and spectators of the event. They also undertake to treat their own and other people's sports equipment with respect.

15.4The race takes place for the most part in protected natural areas, in order to contribute to a minimum environmental impact, the participants must always ride along the roads proposed in the route, not being able to take shortcuts or get out of them while prowling cross-country. They will refrain from throwing any packaging of food or other products on the ground during the tour, as well as respecting the fauna and flora of the places through which they travel. Any act deemed inappropriate may be grounds for disqualification.

15.5Failure to comply with any of these civic norms may be grounds for reprimand or disqualification by the members of the Organization.



Following the regulations of the Spanish Cycling Federation, any participant or technician of any of the registered clubs may make claims about the provisional results or sanctions applied by the organizers, the race being adjusted to the regulations of the Spanish Cycling Federation.

Possible claims will be submitted to the Organizing Committee who will resolve them in accordance with the regulations of the sporting event at the race management office.

The organization declines all responsibility for the damages that participation in this race may cause itself or any participant.



They will be proposed to the Organizing Committee to be disqualified to participants who:

•               Do not use the helmet

•               Do not wear the bib visible and / or enter the finish area without it.

•               Participate with a number awarded to another runner

•               Change the default tour of the organization.

•               Manifest unsportsmanlike behavior and contrary to these regulations.

•               The participant who throws garbage.

•               Non-compliance with the environmental laws of the protected areas.



In case of abandonment, it must be communicated to the organization immediately at the telephone number previously provided, since it could cause search and rescue expenses, which must be paid by the participant who did not communicate the abandonment in case of originating expenses to the organization. .

Registering in 2Reinos MTB Race implies acceptance and compliance with these regulations. It also implies acceptance of the DATA PROTECTION LAW and the cancellation policy.



The race will not be suspended due to adverse weather conditions, unless there is a risk to the physical integrity of the participants or there is a civil emergency situation. In this case, the organization will act at the request of the competent authority and sports judges.

The organization reserves the right to modify the routes of any of the stages, in its itinerary, as well as the schedule as well as the possibility of postponing or suspending the event for reasons of security or force majeure, without implying cause for the claim for compensation or damages by the registrants.

If necessary the suspension of the race by;

a.- Due to force majeure, and in the event of suspension of the race up to 10 days before the date, the Organization will make a partial refund of the registration fees. The amount of said reimbursement will be determined to allow the Organization to meet non-recoverable fixed expenses.

b.- In case of cancellation for security reasons beyond the control of the organization or in case of interruption of the race after the start, no refund is contemplated.



Disclaimer document for the 2REINOS MTB RACE2022 race.

By completing the registration for the 2Reinos MTB RACE race in any of its modalities, I acknowledge and accept the following points:

•               That I have read, know and accept the 2Reinos MTB RACE race regulations, as well as the essential elements to participate in the race.

•               My number is personal and non-transferable and cannot be used by another participant in my place, without prior knowledge and acceptance by the Organization.

•               That my general physical condition allows me to participate in the race without risk to my health.

•               That I accept and understand that there is the possibility of suffering a sports accident inherent to the practice of a night mountain activity, assuming personally responsibility for accidents that may cause any participant in the race, as well as third parties, excluding the organization of any responsibility derived from these.

•               I authorize the Medical Services of the race to carry out any cure or diagnostic race that I may need, whether or not I am in a position to request it.

•               I promise to abandon the race if the Medical Services consider the need for my withdrawal from it.

•               I declare that I know that the race runs along trails and roads in Protected Natural Areas, committing not to abandon them and to comply with the rules of civility that govern it.

•               I exempt the Murcia Challenge Club and the organizers of the 2Reinos MTB RACE race, and / or any natural or legal person linked to the organization, from any physical or material damage, as well as from the responsibilities derived from any accident that occurred during my participation in the proof.

•               I participate voluntarily and under my own responsibility and I exempt the organizers of the race from any harm related to my health that may arise from my participation in this race, personally assuming the inherent risk that the physical effort required during participation.

•               That I authorize the organization to disseminate any photograph, recording or filming that may be taken during the event, as long as it is exclusively related to my participation in it.